Frequently Asked Questions


-What is the best way to contact JKL Talent regarding representation?

Go to the Talent Submission Form under Contact on this site. If we are interested in representing you or would like to see more we will contact you via email within two weeks.

-Can I snail mail a photo and resume to you?

We do not accept hard copy submissions. Please fill out our Talent Submission form or email it to us at

-Can I call you and ask questions about how to get myself or my child into modeling and acting?

Unfortunately we cannot take the time to advise you on this matter. We suggest reading material on the subject and talking to acting teachers and industry professionals to learn how to get started. Be advised that legit talent agencies do not take any fees up front.

-What types of photos and resume should I upload?


If you are age 17 or under please upload a few current snap shots of your child if they do not have a headshot. If he/she has any acting or modeling experience or training please mention it in the message section on the Talent Submission form.


Print and Convention Division: Although we prefer a professional headshot we will accept a current snapshot. Models should include at least one full-length body shot. If you have experience include a resume.

Spokespeople should include a professional photo, resume and reels to their on camera/convention work.

Commercial: Headshots are preferred but snapshots are accepted. If we are interested in you we will request a self taped audition in which we supply you with the commercial script.

Theatrical: To be considered for this division you must include a resume which includes your experience and training. Professional headshots are preferred and if you did not provide us with a reel we will ask for a self-taped audition.

-Should I stop by the office or schedule a time to be seen?

We do not allow drop ins. We schedule time to meet new talent about once a month.

-After I submit my materials, what is the best way to follow up?

Two weeks after you submitted via the form you may email if you like. We may have been busy and haven’t had time to respond.

-What acting classes/coaches do you recommend?

We make these recommendations upon registering our clients. There are many good acting classes and coaches locally and in other markets. If you are serious about pursuing acting  we encourage you to invest in your career and study in an environment that helps you grow.

-Can I get work as an Extras or Background Talent?

We do book Extras occasionally, but not a large number of them. If you are not accepted into one of our Divisions we will keep you in our files for Background. You are always free to submit to us again in the future!

-What are your agency commissions?

You only pay us when you book work through us. We take a 10 percent commission on all bookings.

-What ages do you represent?

Age 5-100+ all sizes, shapes and ethnicities.  We do not represent babies.

-Is JKL Talent an exclusive agency?

No, we do not sign talent to exclusive contracts. The Las Vegas market does not warrant this, and most local agents do not ask talent to sign an exclusive agreement. If we ask you to be part of our roster we only take commission when you book a job through us.

-What if I have an LA agent or an agent in another state?

If you have an exclusive contract with another agent, we can submit you for local projects   only.

-Do you accept everyone that submits to you?

No, we have guidelines for each Division and only accept talent we feel are marketable.

-Can JKL Talent guarantee me work?

No agency can guarantee any talent work.

-Where can I get a professional headshot?

We make these recommendations upon registering our clients.

-Do you represent talent located in another state?

Only if you are willing to travel here and work as a local hire. Most of the work here is non union, so generally we only submit you on the jobs that don’t require in person auditions.

-Do you represent talent located in other countries?

No, we do not work overseas.

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